I'm Ryan Fish, founder of Boat Snackz.

Boat Snackz was born out of a desire to provide a truly nourishing and convenient snack options for water enthusiasts and adventurers.

Our mission became clear: to craft energy bars that not only taste incredible, but are also made with clean, natural ingredients.  We wanted to create a snack that could keep you going all day long without any unnecessary additives, so you can fully enjoy every moment by the water.

So whether you're sailing, kayaking, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun by the lake, Boat Snackz is here to power your adventure.

  • A commitment to quality...

    Our products will be made with quality ingredients. No added sugars, artificial flavors, or seed oils.

  • A commitment to charity...

    A portion of each sale will go to help Gold Star and fallen first responder families.

  • A commitment to you...

    The Boat Snackz community is very important to us. We have a strong focus on customer support.

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A Boat Snackz cookbook -

Dockside Dips

Dive into the world of delectable dips and tantalizing treats with our exclusive cookbook, Dockside Dips. Crafted especially for water enthusiasts and food lovers alike, this collection is a treasure trove of recipes designed to elevate your lakeside gatherings and boat picnics.



When is Boat Snackz launching?

Our first product is still under development. We recently had to switch manufacturers and start our process over again. But we hope to have a launch in Q3 of 2024.

How can I get in touch with you?

We'd love to hear from you! Email crew@boatsnackz.com or send us a message on Instagram.

What will your first product be?

Our first product will be an energy bar made with clean ingredients. No artificial flavors, added sugars or unhealthy seed oils.

How will your product be different from others on the market?

Great question! We plan on introducing nootropic ingredients into our energy bar. Not only will you receive a boost from the caffeine, you'll also benefit from the "brain focus" nootropic ingredients as well!

What is the company's mission?

Our mission is to support our country's heroes through our partnership with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, an organization dedicated to honoring the sacrifice of our first responders and military personnel. Check them out at www.t2t.org.

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